Sunday, July 21, 2013

Blogging about Buck Creek Furnishings

Step-back Hutch
Yea! I have been talking about blogging about the furniture I watch Gary design, cut, assemble, paint and finish and finally I am beginning!! It still amazes me how he can take straight boards, cut and create a working functional piece do furniture!

I plan for this blog is to share with everyone (especially the owner) pictures of Gary making furniture. You might see the beginning assembly, first coat of color or the finished piece. I hope it is interesting to view a bit of behind-the-scenes at Buck Creek Furnishings.

My first picture post will be one of my favorite pieces Gary made, my hutch. This hutch is a 2-door  cabinet with a step back shelf.  Gary can make you one too but with shipping constraints it would be pick-up only (Kansas City area)

I hope you visit often - tell me your ideas & suggestions.

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Kate said...

Love this hutch! The contrasting colors are a great touch.